Information Crovv Shop

Information Crovv Shop

Crovv Shop

Purchasing & Sales combination

Members of Crovv Networking jointly offer their products and services in this webshop.


Placement of products is exclusively for members of Crovv.

Each member can place five products in the Crovv Shop against payment of € 120.00 excluding 21% VAT.

Pay attention! These are annually recurring costs.



Crovv Shop uses 50% of every € 120.00 for joint marketing, think of promotion on Social Media and Google Adwords.

If a product has been sold, the Crovv member will receive a notification via e-mail.

Crovv Members ensure that the products are delivered to our office in Tilburg within 1-2 working days.

1x Per month Crovv members can send an invoice to Crovv Shop with a total of the sold products.

Crovv Shop receives a 10% discount on the invoice for shipping and handling costs.